Text Box: Client Testimonials
Text Box: I have been receiving Reiki healing from Marie for several weeks. I was greeted by a kind and friendly lady, who put me at ease during my first session! I noticed an improvement after the first healing that I received. I have enjoyed my sessions with Marie because she is easy to talk to and she has a gentle approach to healing. I highly recommend her to friends and family for Reiki healing sessions. She has been very kind to help my youngest daughter, who was experiencing sleeping issues at night. My daughter still discusses how she liked Marie and how her healing hands helped her!! Marie is a highly recommended healer and I will continue going to her for future healings, you should give her a call and start your healing process today!! -M
Text Box: Marie is an amazing psychic medium. She has helped me with several issues, and she uses all of her resources. She does not limit herself in her gifts when she is in a session with you and is fun to work with. Marie tailors the session to what you need and the questions you want addressed. I highly recommend Marie if you need any healing work or just need some answers. She works with both the past, present and the future. She truly covers it all. Plus she helps you to learn so you can help yourself. I have come a long ways with her help as both a healer and a teacher. Thank you for everything you've done.
Kristen Hanson Scanlon
Text Box: Since meeting and working with Marie, I have gained significant new insights into my past, who I am, and how I have arrived at my present station in life. I am continuing to work with Marie on my lifeís journey in my quest of fully understanding who I am.   -AH
Text Box: Marie does her best to make you feel comfortable in your surroundings as you transition to your other lives. She is a caring individual who knows what she is doing, and that sets my mind at ease. -SR
Text Box: Thanks for the great past life regression. Itís interesting what comes up in these sessions. You know your mind isnít making this stuff up. It wasnít at all what I was expecting!  -LW
Text Box: I really found our session today very helpful. Thank you for your patient and skillful guidance and for creating a very caring space for the healing. -SK
Text Box: I did a past life class with Marie. At first I was swimming for my life in the ocean. I was a shipwreck survivor. I reached a small island. It was a beautiful white sand beach, which I enjoyed and needed relaxation here, so this is what I did. Due to the ions from the ocean and sand, a few days into this I had a physical body Kundalini experience. Next I was aboard a ship, it was 1800ís or later, I was male 37 years old. I was a Master Crafter, sailing to France to get supplies I needed for this profession. I had black locís, silk shirt with black pants and boots. I had lots of pain in my left leg and foot due to injury from the shipwreck experience. My left leg and foot continuously twitched with pain during the hypnosis session, which was very interesting but annoying. I saw a coat of arms with a bear on it, and I sailed back to Damascus where my family and I lived in a huge castle-type house. The celebration was my oldest son getting married to the Duchess of Dorr, and it was a happy time for my family. The marriage was a good thing uniting families together. I know I have missed some of the experience and more will come. It was wonderful and a wonderful lifetime; even the shipwreck on the island  was very serene for me and of a spiritual aspect...light, love and laughter. ĖDJ
Text Box: I would recommend a session with Marie to ANYONE! She has a way of helping you work through your issue(s) at hand in a way that you can understand, and has a very warm and loving energy about her. -RA
Text Box: Marie is amazing. I first knew that initially upon meeting her, but realized at a much deeper level just how great she really is after I had a Quantum Healing session with her. At the end of the session, I knew it was good because I felt very relaxed and at ease with what had just occurred. However, at that time I really had no idea just how good Marie was! One week later, while listening to a recording of the session, I was absolutely blown away. First I noticed how Marie was so gentle with me. She was very observant of my mood and feelings and was absolutely with me every step of the way. Her genuine beauty and compassion definitely shine through her work. Our session together has helped me clarify and make peace with events in my life, and has overall helped me to live better. If youíre looking for some answers, I highly recommend a session with Marie!  -AB
Text Box: I took advantage of the class that Marie Savage was offering this last Saturday for $25 on meeting your guides.  Although I have met my guides many times and have done a lot of psychic work of this sort, I was drawn to do a session with her.  Both my dog, Tulip, and I were in on this hypnotherapy session and Tulip just LOVED it!  And so did I! Marie's dog Sophie also assisted us in it and was right on in her messages to Tulip.  Marie was very clear, the energy felt very safe and good, and it was all around wonderful.  Marie has a lot of talent and training behind her with very good teachers and she has some more things coming up that I would like to endorse for her. 
Text Box: I recently did an email reading with Marie and submitted three questions to her.  Her answers provided me with insights and a better understanding of what I need to do - and where my focus should be at this time in my life.  Marie was wonderful and promptly responded to a few follow-up questions I had regarding the reading.  She is a caring and supportive individual and I look forward to working with her more in the future.  -VP
Text Box: Marie is a wonderful healer, and brought us to wonderful spaces of discovery and openness. I recommend Marie for opening to your spiritual growth and understanding. She has a special quality which makes it easy for people to connect to Spirit in her presence. Thank you Marie for a wonderful workshop!   -TN