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services and prices

Group Hypnosis — $20

Relax in a recliner and let Marie’s soothing voice carry you away. You will explore new realms, visit past lives, and meet your spiritual guides and guardian angels. There is no interaction with the hypnotist, so your experiences remain private unless you choose to share them afterward. Sessions last 1-2 hours. Great way to try hypnosis for the first time!


Hypnosis — Introductory Session — $50

Private session intended as an introduction to help determine whether hypnosis is right for you. Focused on relaxation, but a simple direct suggestion can be included upon request (such as reduce anxiety or specific fear). Sessions last 30-60 minutes.


Hypnosis — Specific Goal — $100

General Hypnosis for specific goal — Weight management, stop smoking, eliminate phobias, boost self-confidence etc. Sessions last 1-2 hours. May be combined with Reiki, EFT, or Intuitive Reading as needed. Multiple sessions may be needed to accomplish goals, but Marie will leave it up to the client to determine how many sessions are desired.


Hypnosis — Quantum Healing (Dolores Cannon Method) — $225

Quantum Healing Hypnosis takes you deeper than ordinary hypnosis. At this deep somnambulistic level, multiple past lives can be explored in detail. The subconscious is invoked to provide answers for even the most difficult problems. Although outcomes vary, immediate relief from health issues sometimes occur. Typically, you can expect a greater understanding of your life purpose, your relationships and career path. Sessions can last 2-4 hours, and are recorded on CD. Come with 3 questions and expect a fascinating journey!


Reiki Healing — $100 (Children/Seniors $50,  1/2 hour Intro $50)

Marie is attuned Master in Usui tradition, and Level II Jikiden Reiki practitioner. Reiki is effective for channeling healing energy, and offers warm soothing relief from pain. As noted above, Marie often uses Reiki in combination with other modalities as needed, for no extra charge. More info here.


Intuitive Reading — $100/hour (additional time beyond 1 hour prorated $1 per minute)

Marie is a talented psychic, and can connect with your guides for an amazing and informative reading. Bring your questions and expect candid answers. Discover what your soul longs to express in this life and gain insight regarding relationships, job, money, health, etc. Click here for readings by email. 30 minute reading $55


Animal Communication — $100/hour (prorated per minute — minimum $40)

Marie can connect with your pet to answer your questions. Get behavioral issues resolved, or simply find out what your pet thinks about your life together. Sophie (my Shih Tzu) often assists. Can combine session with personal reading (above).




5-Session Hypnosis Package — $300

Available for Standard Hypnosis, Reiki, or Combination. Not for Quantum Hypnosis or HypnoBirthing.



Shamanic Journey / Find Your Shamanic Power Animal — $30


Shamanic Soul Retrieval — $60


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