Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking?

Are you and your pet struggling with behavioral problems?

Curious about how a departed pet is doing on “the other side”?


Animals are intelligent and sentient creatures, and believe it or not, they have a voice!


If you are experiencing frustration with your pet, chances are your pet feels likewise!


Many problems are quickly resolved once you understand what the animal is thinking and reacting to. Animals have likes, dislikes, and fears just like humans do. They hear what we say and generally understand a lot more about us than we might realize.


Your pet loves you and wants to enjoy life together with you. Now you can enhance you relationship with your pet by hearing what they have to say!



Pet Communication

$100/Hr (prorated by the minute—Minimum $50)

In Person with your pet or By Phone

Marie can administer Reiki to calm or assist in healing.


Call for Appointment—612-508-9606

Text Box: MS Bun
R.I.P 2015
Text Box: Elaine (“Bowser”)
R.I.P 2011
Text Box: Marie & Sophie
Text Box: Moses & Cedric
Text Box: Bijou
Text Box: The Rainbow Bridge

Text Box: Maggie
Satisfied Client
Text Box: Sophie’s Story
Sophie is a Shi Tzu rescue dog who has been with us since 2009. She spent her first 6 years in a “puppy mill” under harsh conditions, evidently delivering a number of litters for the owner to sell.

Sophie came into this world as a highly advanced soul with definite purpose, but first she had to find her way to us. She says she tried contacting Marie telepathically for some time, but had to wait until a rescue agency got involved and put her up for adoption. Marie was guided to find the adoption ad with the assistance of her cat, Ms Bun (who’s also quite telepathic).

Once out of confinement at the puppy mill, Sophie needed to learn the basics of being a dog. She was aided in this by Elaine, our German Shepherd. Elaine mentored Sophie, teaching her how to sniff around at the park and beg for table scraps. Elaine finally passed on in 2011, but not before her task with Sophie was complete.

Sophie is talented in remarkable ways, apparently communicating on a daily basis with Faeries, Angels, and other invisible beings. She assists Marie in her work as a healer, intuitive reader and animal communicator. She loves to ride in her doggie stroller and take walks at the park. She is thoroughly indulged and spoiled by Marie & Lynn, which appears to make up for her unpleasant past.

Anyone who has ever opened their heart and shared their journey with a beloved pet faces the sad prospect of saying goodbye sooner or later.


The grieving process can be brutal, and some say it can be as difficult as losing a human loved one.


Nothing can remove the pain, but one thing can really help: Knowing that your departed friend is safe and well on the Other Side. Even better is to communicate with them, and hear their messages of encouragement. The fact is, they never really leave us, for the bond of love we share is eternal.


Marie is gifted with the ability to communicate with animals, whether on This Side or the Other Side. Having helped her own fur babies cross the rainbow bridge, she loves to help others too.

Text Box: Bella
Text Box: MS Bun II

“The crew”

“Recent Crossings”


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your help recently when I lost my dog Tramp. It was so nice that you could communicate with him and help him trust enough to finally find safety so he could get home. I’m so happy that you contacted me right away and helped me. Thank you from the  bottom of my heart!  -A.N.


Thank you Marie for being there for Lucy and I anytime I need you! Besides communicating with Lucy during this difficult time, you have proven to be a  true and caring friend. I know you are the real deal because Lucy loves you and if she loves you then so do I! I encourage anyone with doubts to believe in Marie because she has this amazing gift that she uses to help people and animals communicate and so so much more. Marie, thank you again for being so helpful! We love you!  -R.S.


Marie Savage does animal communication! I asked her to contact my two kitties, , because we are going through a huge transition. She did the reading long distance using photos and a list of questions from me. She was able to reach both cats and answer my questions to them in depth. She was able to provide me with direction to address their needs, both physical and emotional. The reading was quite moving, very specific and held some surprises. I recommend Marie for anyone interested in communicating with a pet or other animal!  -K.B.








· Help with behavioral issues

· Help locate missing pets

· Connect with pets that have passed over